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What is Google Analytics? How does it works and you must have it?

One of the most important steps that must be taken in any strategy is measurement. Without measuring results it will be impossible to establish new improvements and know what works and what doesn’t . We live in the age of data, in which everything is stored on the web in order to make use of it and trace new routes that bring us closer to the goals we want to achieve. At present, phrases such as: “what is not measured, is not controlled” and “with data, knowledge is obtained and decisions are made with knowledge” have become popular, messages with wise realities of a world where we can measure practically everything. and make decisions based on evidence. Currently there are thousands of tools and indicators that help measure the results of Digital Marketing strategies: email opening rates on email marketing platforms, engagement on social networks, amount of time a user spends on a site, effectiveness of the contents, among others. Without a doubt, the most popular tool to measure the results of what happens on a website is Google Analytics and we will talk about it today.

Google Analytics in Hot Water Over US Data Spying Concern

What is Google Analytics? 

It is an online data analysis platform from Google that, by installing a code on the pages of the site, collects information from users and transforms it into reports . It is an excellent tool to better understand the audience of your site and measure the results of digital marketing , being one of the essential tools of a strategy. Google Analytics allows you to track various information about your domain, such as the volume of visits, the time the user spends on the pages, the source channels, that is, the sources that bring traffic to your website and even conversions. of your e-commerce. Some of the main advantages of this tool are: 

  • Is free.
  • It has a friendly interface.
  • Easily integrates with other Google products.
  • It has high data processing capacity.
  • It returns customized reports for different needs.

What does Google Analytics allow you to do?

One of the great benefits of the current tools is that they allow you to solve various doubts in a single platform . Google Analytics enjoys this advantage, since with a few clicks you can obtain a lot of useful data that will allow you to get to know your audience better and make adjustments to your strategies to get closer to your goal, whether it is greater sales or greater dissemination of your brand. Google Analytics allows you, among other things:

  1. Get to know your users better: know what they like and what they don’t; its geographical origin; device used: smartphone, tablet or computer; how they got to your site; where do they leave your site; what they like and dislike about what you offer.
  2. Track your SEO strategy and SEM strategy, with which you can measure the success and effectiveness of your campaigns and content.
  3. Create personalized reports taking into account your interests and those of your clients. So you can track your goals or KPIs .
  4. Review the proper functioning of your website and all its pages : carry out a complete analysis of the web, to find out if users understand the routes that have been created to make it easier for them to visit, if the page loads correctly or takes a long time to load. load etc

Why should you use Google Analytics?

We all want our brand to be well positioned on the web and to achieve this it is not enough to believe in it and offer a good product or service. You need to apply effective strategies that allow users to easily find you on the web and also navigate your site easily and fluently. To evaluate these factors, a tool like Google analytics is your best ally . If you are still not convinced of the immense benefits that this platform can bring to your business, here are 3 more reasons to use it:

  1. You can find the most popular pages on your website: Every website has some pages that receive more traffic than others. And they also have pages that keep people on a site or convert more than others. If you have content that ranks highly or is shared a lot and drives a lot of traffic, Google Analytics will help you identify it. By identifying the pages that work best for your various goals, you can analyze why they work best and build a strategy for your website based on that.
  2. Helps you track conversions: Conversions will vary depending on your goals (sales, contacts, followers). You can set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics for your website based on the actions you most want your visitors to take , such as filling out a form, signing up for your email list, or making a purchase. Google Analytics helps you assess what is working on your website for conversions and why.
  3. It will give you what it takes to increase your sales rate: One of the biggest truths in the world of sales is that you can’t sell a product you don’t know to someone you don’t know. That is why it is so important to evaluate and study in depth the needs and tastes of your audience. This will be the only way to offer them true useful solutions that make them approach your brand and stay with it. Google Analytics allows you to see if what you are communicating and offering to your public is what they really expect from your brand and also gives you the data to make the necessary improvements and achieve higher sales rates.

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