How to use Gmail? And how to access it?

Learn how to use Gmail, the most used email provider. We show you step by step how to start using this powerful tool. Send emails, receive emails, schedule, organize, etc.

How to access Gmail?

Access the Google home page. If you are not logged into that PC yet, the “Login session” button will appear in the upper right corner, you will access a window where you must enter your username and password. Once you have logged in, again in the upper right corner, click on the Gmail option, or from the 9 dots icon you can access any of the Google applications.

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Gmail interface

Gmail’s interface is very clean, just like the rest of Google’s applications. Starting from the bottom left, you will find the chats (Hangout), just above you will see the video call options (Meet). Above you will see the folders of your email and just above the button to compose emails. At the top you will see the search bar and just below, in the central part, is the list of received emails. The received emails will be displayed in the central part. In the upper right corner you will find the options for Help, Settings and other Google applications.

Read and unread emails

You can differentiate between read and unread emails easily. Observe in your inbox how the read emails are shown with a gray background and text . Instead, unread emails are displayed with a white background and bold black text.

Star email or mark it as important

In the inbox, to the left of each email there are 3 icons. Clicking on the first box enables other options for that email . The next icon is a star that allows you to highlight the email . Use the star when you want to find that email easily. All starred emails are stored in the Starred folder . They’re still in your inbox, but they’ll also show up in your Featured folder. The third icon allows you to mark an email as important . If you mark an email as important, subsequent emails you receive from that user will be marked as important as well. Similarly, if you unmark an email as important, subsequent emails from that contact will not be marked as important.

Send emails from Gmail

To start composing an email you must click on the Compose button at the top left. A window opens to compose your new message at the bottom right. The fields that appear in the email are:

  • “For”; Here you must enter the recipient(s) of the email.
  • “Subject”; enter in one line what the email is about (it is not mandatory to include a subject)
  • In the bodyyou must write your email.

At the bottom you have a series of options that allow you to customize the text of your email . They are the basic options of a text editor; change text color, bold, italics, underline, bullet etc. Just below you have another series of options related to email:

  • The first icon (A with line below) is used to show/hide the text editing options.
  • Second icon, the clip, is used to attach filesto your email.
  • The third icon is used to insert linksin a text.
  • The fourth option is used to insert emoji
  • Insert files from Google Drive.
  • The sixth option is to insert images.
  • Turn confidential modeon or off .
  • Insert signatures.

In the lower left part you have the send button , which you must press when you want to send the email. But if you want you can schedule the email to be sent at another time.

Schedule emails in Gmail

Notice that the submit button has a small dropdown button to the right of it. If you click on it, the option “ Schedule delivery ” will appear. Clicking on this option opens a window that shows some predefined options to schedule the shipment. If any of these options works for you, you just have to select it and your email will be programmed. But you can also customize the date and time you want the email to be sent . In this case, click on the Choose date and time option , a window will open with a calendar where you can set the sending date and time. Once set, press the Schedule sending button and your email will be scheduled. You can view your scheduled emails from the Scheduled folder . You can also view sent emails from the Sent folder . Some users who know how to use Gmail are unaware of this interesting option.

View received emails and their options

To open an email you only have to click once on it. It will open in the middle. In the received emails we have another series of options. Right at the bottom we have the option to Reply and Forward. Clicking on the forward button opens a window containing the email you have received. You must enter the recipient’s email, you can include text or simply forward it. If you choose the Reply option , a window will open in which the recipient already appears. You just have to include your text. Notice that the Subject is not shown, to modify it, click on the arrow just in front of the recipient and choose the Edit subject option . It is also possible to reply to an email from the arrow pointing to the left, which is located in the upper right.

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