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How to see the maps of Google Maps in 3D from your mobile

Google Maps is the absolute reference when it comes to map and navigation applications. There is no other app on the market that is even capable of overshadowing it, nor is Apple’s maps app close to everything that this application offers us. And there are more and more reasons to continue thinking that this app will hardly be able to be surpassed in the short or medium term. With features like the one we’ve seen now, and that allows us to also enjoy the three-dimensional maps within the mobile app, something that will undoubtedly give us a lot of play, especially when we drive and guide ourselves with the Google app.

How to Get Street View on Google Maps

So you can activate the layer of three-dimensional maps

For quite some time now we have been able to enjoy the application’s maps in its fully 3D web version. And we are talking about a 3D that shows us the buildings from their completely three-dimensional satellite view, as if we were flying over them from an airplane. This view is not yet available in the mobile version, but now one has been released that allows us to see the map mode in three dimensions. And we are not referring to the relief mode, but one that transforms the flat map of Google Maps into three dimensions. To do it from the mobile, the latest version of the Google Maps beta offers us the possibility of easily activating this function as an additional layer. As you know, Google Maps allows you to activate different layers for the map showing different information about them. To activate it, we must go to the same layer button that we always use. This is located on the right side, just below the labels to be able to search for certain places on the map. When we click on it, a series of different layers are displayed, which activate different information about the map we are viewing.

Now a new button has been added, at the bottom left, in the “map details” section where there is a new “ 3D ” icon next to the Street View icon. By clicking on it, regardless of the map view that we have activated, it will go to the standard view, which is the one that shows us the flat maps. But in this case, although it may not seem like it at first glance, the map will be displayed in 3D. We only have to move through it to be able to appreciate that everything that was shown flat now moves in three dimensions with the trajectory of our finger. In this way we can get a better idea of ​​what the elements of the map are like with a scaled size and that varies according to their natural size when we are exploring the map. This feature is available at least on version 10.28 of the app , so before trying to see this new button, it’s best to check that we’ve updated the app to the latest version available. Let’s hope that this view will be available soon along with the satellite view, which is much more complete, and we believe more useful than how it has been designed now.

clear location history on Google Maps

Location history saves all the places that have been visited. This can be managed by entering gmail and then the Account option. From there you have to enter Security Review and select the Location History option. When this option is activated, a record of the sites visited begins to be kept. This data is used, among other things, to receive personalized recommendations and transit details, depending on the location in which the user is. It is possible to enable or disable this option by entering the control panel, as explained below. It is also possible to delete a certain period of those locations stored in the system or to delete them completely.

Step by step how to delete location history

If you enter from a desktop computer, you must enter your Gmail account, then enter My Account, by clicking on the dotted square that appears next to your profile photo, in the upper right margin. Then you have to enter Privacy Review / Location History and there enter the Manage location history option. You can see a detail of the places traveled, with dates and data. It is possible to delete or delete what you want. You can also go one step back to Location History and choose to turn this option off entirely.

on iPhone

From the iPhone you have to enter Google Maps, press the three horizontal stripes in the upper left margin, go to Settings / Maps History and press the three points in the upper area, as shown in the video. Once there, you have to go to “Delete activity by” and within that option choose what data you want to delete or from what date. One of the options is to delete the content since the data began to be stored.

On Android phones

You have to go to Google Maps, then enter Settings / Google Maps History, as you can see in the video. Once there, you must click on the three points that appear in the upper right margin and then choose “Delete activity by” , as is done on iPhone. It should be noted that even when Maps Location History has been paused or removed, if other settings such as Web and App Activity have been turned on, there may be location data stored in your Google account. When the Web & App Activity setting is turned on, location data may still be saved as part of your activity in Search and Maps. To find out if this option is enabled, you must also enter the Accounts/Privacy review menu , as mentioned above.

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