Fact Or Fiction: What Did ‘The Crown’ Get Right In Season 3?

The general concern was largely because of the tip’s proximity to Pantglas Junior School which held roughly 240 college students at that time. The Queen’s response to the tragedy stays one in every of her largest regrets in response to her former non-public secretary Lord Charteris. Around the fourth episode titled “Bubbikins”, viewers see a more mature version of Prince Philip’s mother Princess Alice (Jane Lapotaire). Because the palace begins filming the British Royal Family documentary (which was a not-very-properly executed try to point out how ordinary the royal family is in the hopes to achieve extra monetary compensation), The Queen decides to send for Princess Alice as tensions rise in Athens making it an unsafe surroundings for the Queen’s mother-in-legislation. Though, whereas she’s secure in Buckingham Palace, she’s not exactly met with a warm welcome. The princess and her son maintained a tumultuous relationship, The Crown Season 4 on sale as viewers can inform from the flashback within the episode.

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